I am super excited because this week I learned that the American Journal of Physical Anthropology accepted my first dissertation chapter for publication, and this will be my very first first-author paper. The submitted manuscript covers mitochondrial DNA variation in natural and anthropogenic hybrid zones of Callithrix jacchus and C. penicillata and genetic diversity of the parental species. I […]

I am adding some new mini-tutorials on the Mapping Basics page for Arcmap 10, examples of R-code maps, and links to other useful mapping sites to the blog! Please check in to see the updates.

The morphology of a group of Callithrix penicillata x C. geoffroyi  marmoset hybrids was recently examined by Fuzessy et al. (in press) in an anthropogenic hybrid zone in the town of Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil. We compared how hybrid facial and body color patterns differ with those of the parental species. We also looked at how bodily measures […]

Here is an example of using R code with Google Maps. This is an example of a map that I would use to show sampling sites within the Rio de Janeiro state marmoset hybrid zone in the São João watershed. This map also shows an inset map in the upper left of the general location […]

Due to my frustration with commercial packages for making maps, I recently discovered you can make some beautiful maps with R. Here is an example of making a map to show species ranges. Here is a sample map that shows the ranges of my two study species, Callithrix jacchus and Callithrix penicillata. The trickiest part […]

The Non-Marmoset Side of Life: Hybridization in Mexcian Howlers In the next couple posts, I cover and draw attention to some interesting cases of hybridization of the non-marmoset kind, by describing what has been reported for howler monkeys in Mexico (Alouatta pigra and A. palliata),  Tanzanian guenons (Cercopithecus mitis x C. ascanius), and coyotes. My […]

Resultados genéticos preliminares da zona de hibridização no estado do Rio de Janeiro  (English version is below this post)   Apresentei recentemente um poster de resultados preliminares dos híbridos de sagüis que estou estudando no estado do Rio de Janeiro (Malukiewicz et al., 2012) no congresso da American Assocation of Physical Anthropology. Esse resultados foram […]

I recently presented a poster on preliminary genetic results on the marmoset hybrids I am studying in the Rio de Janeiro state (Malukiewicz et al., 2012) at this year’s American Association of Physical Anthropology meeting. These results were based on the mitochondrial genome D-loop (let me explain). Our cells contain organelles called mitochondria which are […]

So I made my courageous trip back to the US from Brazil with my marmoset DNA samples in mid-December. Unfortunately, I ran into some snags at US Customs and ended up with my export paperwork and licenses out of order and seized biological samples. So I cannot emphasize enough working with the officials responsible for […]

I just realized that I never described some of the physical structure of the hybrid zones in which I have worked. This just popped into my mind while writing my previous post. In Rio de Janeiro state, where common and black-tufted marmosets were introduced by humans into that part of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, the […]